Wendy Pattern 6009:  Socks in Roam Fusion 4 Ply

Wendy Pattern 6009: Socks in Roam Fusion 4 Ply

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A pattern for socks on two needles in Roam and Roam Fusion 4 Ply. This yarn is discontinued but it was a standard 4 ply yarn. Knee socks, lacy ankle socks and lacy top trainer sock versions available.

Needles: 2.75mm (UK 12, US 1) and 3.25mm (UK 10, US 3).
This pattern also requires stitch holders and a cable needle.

Number of 100g balls of Roam or Roam Fusion 4 Ply:
Knee Socks:
18cm length: 1
21cm length: 2
24cm length: 2
28cm length: 2

Lacy Ankle Socks and Lacy Top Trainer Socks require 1 ball for each size.

Photographed shades: Knee socks knitted in Roam Fusion 4 Ply shade 2031 Heights. Lancy Ankle sock knitted in Wendy Merino 4 Ply shade 2408 Coulis and Lacy Trainer in 2406 Corn