Sirdar Pattern 7243:  Snoods in Hayfield Super Chunky

Hayfield Pattern 7243: Snoods in Super Chunky

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A pattern for a 2 colour snood, a moss stitch snood, an eyelet snood and a bramble stitch snood in Hayfield Super Chunky.

Needles: 12mm (US 17).

Number of 100g balls of Hayfield Super Chunky

2 Colour Snood (top right): 1 ball of main shade and 1 ball of contrast
Photographed shades: 770 Felt Grey; 52 Oats

Moss Stitch Snood (bottom left): 2 balls
Photographed shade: 701 Blackberry.

Eyelet Snood (top left): 1 ball
Photographed shade: 54 Drake

Bramble Stitch Snood ((bottom right): 2 balls
Photographed shade: 57 Thistles.