Pony Bamboo 20cm Double Pointed Needles P67007: 3.5mm

Pony Bamboo Double Pointed Needles 3.50mm 20cm

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Beautiful and natural set of 5 bamboo knitting needles. The comfort of knitting with wooden needles is unparalleled, and Pony Bamboo are no exception. Lightweight and flexible, bamboo needles are excellent for minimising hand and wrist strain, making them the ideal choice for knitters who are prone to joint pains.

Stealthy and near silent to knit with, Pony Bamboo needles are ideal for moments when the clickety clack of metal needles is an unwelcome distraction. As well as looking beautiful, the uncoated surface of these needles provides substantial grip, so there is no chance of the needles unexpectedly slipping out from the stitches. Their 20cm length provides extra security against stitches slipping off the end of the needle, making these the perfect choice for beginners, or for use with slippery yarns.

Size: 3.5mm (US 4)
Length: 20cm (7.9 inches)