KP47303 Zing 35cm Single Pointed Knitting Needles: 6mm

Zing Single Pointed Knitting Needles 6.00mm 35cm

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Ultra lightweight, premium aluminium needles perfect for crisp cottons, rustic wools and everything in between.

Smooth and cool to the touch, your stitches will glide effortlessly along this slick needle. Colour coded needles make it easy to tell at a glance which size you are working with, and KnitPro maintains the continuity of these colours across the full Zing range of single pointed, double pointed, and interchangeable needles. In larger needle sizes, Zings are a great choice for aluminium as the hollow needles are impressively light to hold. Sizes are also laser printed onto the end of the needle for easy identification.

Size: 6mm

Length: 35cm

Colour: Purple Velvet