KP47003 KnitPro Zing 15cm Double Pointed Needles: 2.5mm

KnitPro Zing Double Pointed Needles 2.50mm 15cm

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Ultra lightweight set of 5 premium aluminium double pointed needles. Smooth and cool to the touch, your stitches will glide effortlessly along this slick needle. Perfect for super speedy sock knitting.

Colour coded sizing system makes it easy to tell at a glance which size of needle you are working with, and to identify a set of DPNs at a glance without having to spend time measuring each needle. KnitPro maintains the continuity of these colours across the full Zing range of single pointed, double pointed, and interchangeable needles. Sizes are also laser printed onto the needles for easy identification.

Available in two different lengths: 15cm are a popular choice for socks, gloves and sleeve cuffs, while 20cm are ideal for slightly larger circumference projects, such as hats, berets and the tops of sleeves.

Size: 2.5mm
Length: 15cm

Colour: Scarlet