KP41202 KnitPro Karbonz Circular Needle 2.25mm 100cm

KnitPro Karbonz Circular Needle 2.25mm 100cm

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Smooth, strong and sophisticated, Karbonz circular needles are the premium choice for knitters looking for a needle with a bit of panache. Made from the same composite as is found in stealth fighter jets and formula one race cars, your stitches will race along these sleek needles. This futuristic material is virtually unbreakable, even in the smallest sizes. In larger needle sizes, carbon fibre is equally advantageous as the needles are impressively light to hold.

The raven black surface of these needles makes them ideal for knitting with light coloured yarns. With a slightly more pointed tip than the standard KnitPro design, Karbonz are perfect for lace knitting and the flexible cable does not coil into a tight spring. As with all KnitPro circular needles, the join between the needle shaft and the flexible cable is almost undetectable, meaning that even the finest of stitches will not snag as they slide from the needle to the cable.

Size: 2.25mm (UK 12, US 2)

Length: 100cm